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The Vilnius Yiddish Institute
Vilnius University, History Faculty
Universiteto 7
Vilnius 01513, Lithuania

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Photo Gallery

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Executive Director of YIVO Jonathan Brent visited VYI on th 27th of January 2010. Lukas Pribyl, a renowned film director from Czech Republic visited VYI on the 27th of October 2009. UK Ambassador HE Simon Butt (left foreground, seated) visits the Dr. Sheine Sideraite Yiddish Reading Circle on 29 May 2009. To his left are Dr. S. Alperovich, chairman of the Jewish Community of Lithuania, and (standing) Professor Dovid Katz.
A family from Brazil with family roots in Lithuania has visited the VYI on July 15, 2008. In the photo: Guita Grin Debert, Bila Sorj, Ezequiel Grin, Fania Brantsovsky (the VYI) and others. David Chinitz, PhD from Hebrew University Jerusalem has visited the Vilnius Yiddish Institute on the 2nd of July 2008. In June 2008 British ambassador Simon Butt visited the VYI. In the photo: Simon Butt with VYI staff members.
Professor Sam Popkin from the University of California visited VYI in June 2008. Dutch journalist Sacha Kester from "de Volkskrant" interviewing Dr. Richard Maullin in May 2008. On the 14th of May 2008 Ephraim Lapid (Brig. General (res.), Israel) visited the VYI. In the photo: Gen. Lapid and the VYI staff members.
In May 2008 Israeli Ambassador Chen Ivri visited the VYI with his parents Mr. Moshe and Mrs. Nechama Apter. 24 October, 2007. The VYI librarian Mrs. Fania Brancovskaja and Assistant Director Ms. Ruta Puisyte welcomed the Irish Ambassador Mr. Donal Denham and Mr. Barry Glass at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute. 24 October, 2007. Students of the Vilnius University, History Faculty, came to inteview and learn from Fania Brancovskaja about the life and history of the Vilna Ghetto.
23 October, 2007. Mr. Omry Kaplan-Feuereisen, a Ph. D. Candidate at the Freie Universitaet of Berlin, visited the VYI. On 22 October he presented a lecture on Jacob Robinson at the International Symposium in Kaunas. 20 October, 2007. The member of the EU Parliament and the VYI Board, Dr. Laima Andrikiene and Head of Human Rights Unit at the EU Parliament, Mr. Geoffrey Harris visited the VYI. From right: the VYI director Dr. Liekis, Dr. Andrikiene, Mr. Harris. 18 October, 2007. 27 students from USA came to learn Jewish history in Vilnius as part of a project “Cross-cultural Encounters in a European Context”. The VYI Assistant Director Ruta Puisyte gave a lecture and guided them through the former Vilna Ghetto.
10 October, 2007. The VYI librarian and former Vilna Ghetto inmate Mrs. Fania Brancovskaja gave an interview to Associate Professor Tor-Helge Allern (Nesna University College, Norway). 9 October, 2007. The VYI welcomed Mr. Ilya D. Levin, Public Affairs Officer from the U.S. Embassy, Vilnius. In the picture: Mr. Levin and Prof. Katz. 5 October, 2007. Prof. Antony Polonsky (Brandeis University, USA) has visited the VYI. In the picture: Prof. Polonsky and Assistant Director of the VYI, Ms. Ruta Puisyte.
18 September, 2007. Prof. Sara Ginaite-Rubinson (on right) has visited the VYI. A former Kaunas Ghetto inmate and partisan of the Rudnitski forests Mrs. Ginaite has published a book “Resistance and Survival” about the Jewish Community in Kaunas in 1941-19 September, 2007. The journalist of the Haaretz Daily Newspaper (Israel) Yoav Stern has visited the VYI during his trip to Lithuania. In the photo: the VYI Assistant Director Ruta Puisyte and Yoav Stern. 3 September, 2007. Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies of Emory University Eric L. Goldstein and the VYI Director, Professor Sarunas Liekis (on left) at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute.
26 June, 2007. The VYI librarian Mrs. Fania Brancovskaja consults Director of “House of Memory”, Mr. Linas Vildziunas on the history of Jews of Svintsian [Svencionys, Lithuania]. The "House of Memory" is working on Holocaust education. 26 June, 2007. Prof. Richard A. Cohen from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte visited the Vilnius Yiddish Institute. 22 June, 2007. Fania Brancovskaja is telling her story to the group from Israel.
21 June, 2007. Mrs. Lena Israel, an Associate Professor of the School of Film Directing of Goeteborg University [Sweden] and Professor Dovid Katz at the VYI. Ms. Lena Israel interviews the WWII veteran and the Holocaust survivor from Yurberik [now Jurbarkas, Lithuania], Mr. Zalman Kaplan [b. 1927] for the film she is shooting in Vilnius. The film tells a love story between Jewish boy and Polish girl in 1917. 15 June, 2007. Prof. Yaakov Kop, Director of Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, visited the institute and talked with our librarian Fania Brancovskaja.
In September, 2006, Ekmel Cizmecioglu (shown here with VYI Director Sharunas Liekis in the Library) visited the VYI in search of information on the history of the Karaim Jews in Lithuania. Mr. Cizmecioglu works with the European Parliament in Brussels. October, 2005. The VYI's assistant director Ms. Ruta Puisyte (right) with Professor David and Mrs. Hilary Crystal at a reception in Ukmerge (Vilkomir), where the VYI team was welcomed by the director of the city's Cultural Center.  
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