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Few moments from our last expedition to Odessa, Ukraine on November, 2006... Research expeditions throughout Eastern Europe locate and interview the last generation of survivors in the regions native to their families for centuries. These are precious, historically fleeting, opportunities to tape in-depth interviews with survivors - in their native local Yiddish, preserving the language, folklore, and oral history. Please find out more how you can support this vital need...
Arkady Oskorovich Shoikhet, born in April 1918, Odessa, Ukraine Dora Yosifovna Ratzen, born in March 1925, Odessa, Ukraine Yevgeniya Shayevna Katzman, born in March 1925, Odessa, Ukraine
Interviewing Mrs. Katzman Roza Kotovskaya, born in May 1916, lives in Odessa, Ukraine Sima Ilyinichna Lishtengurt, born in 1932, Odessa, Ukraine
Sima Ilyinichna Lishtengurt Mira Moiseyevna Pasek, born in August 1933, lives in Nikolaev, Ukraine Miron Yakovlevich Endelstein, born in June 1925, lives in Nikolaev, Ukraine
Boris Grogoryevich Tzentziper, born in 1923, lives in Nikolaev, Ukraine Shimon Itzikovich Pekar, born in September 1909, Odessa, Ukraine Interviewing Mr. Pekar
Rakhil Samoilovna Katz, born in July 1918, lives in Odessa, Ukraine Rakhil Samoilovna Katz Isaak Naftulovich Tokar, born in May 1920, lives in Odessa, Ukraine
Isaak Naftulovich Tokar Leonid Moiseyevich Vainbrand, born in April 1919, Odessa, Ukraine Leonid Moiseyevich Vainbrand
The Yiddish club at the Welfare Foundation “Hesed Shaarey Zion” of Odessa, Ukraine At the Yiddish club... At the Yiddish club...
Odessa [Ukraine], November 2006 Odessa [Ukraine], November 2006 Odessa [Ukraine], November 2006
Odessa [Ukraine], November 2006 Odessa [Ukraine], November 2006 Odessa [Ukraine], November 2006
Odessa [Ukraine], November 2006    
  2005 VILNIUS YIDDISH INSTITUTE. Solution: Neosymmetria