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The Vilnius Yiddish Institute
Vilnius University, History Faculty
Universiteto 7
Vilnius 01513, Lithuania

email: info@judaicvilnius.com
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Moments from the 2007 Vilnius Summer Program in Yiddish
Ready for Opening ceremony, July 31 Jewish Community leaders Gurevicius and Alperovicius at Opening Deputy Director of the Jewish Community Masha Grodnik
Former Jewish Partisan Fania Brantsovsky with Summer Director Tina Lunson Jurgita Verbickiene of the CSJHCEE addresses the Opening audience Marija Krupoves sings "Vilna"
Arkady Gendler sings a Bessarabian doina The VYI's coordinator of programs Loreta Paukstyte Planning the month
Our youngest students Getting acquainted
a glezl vayn a shisl kasha New friends
New friends Vilna's Fira Bramson & Tallinn's Anna Verschik A smile for Yiddish
a shulkhn orekh Dr. Jurgita Verbickiene with Ms. Tina Lunson …what is it?
Prof. Sarunas Liekis lectures on the Shnipishok cemetery Students listen Students
Teacher M. Dunayevsky with a student Three generations at the VYI "My First Waltz"
Arkady Gendler sings folk-songs… …while the audience listens Arkady with Tina and Sarah
Homework Fira Bramson, Benjaminas Mackevicius, Arkady Gendler nokh an anekdot…
Fania's tour of pre-war Vilna Contemplating the Vilna Gaon Vilna walking tour
Whew! Vilna tour
Vilna tour guides Rokhl Kostanian & Fania Brantsovsky Fania on tour Ready for shabes
Night out Night out
Anna & Arkady Yefim Chorny & Marija plan a music program Klezmer meeting
Susana Gerghus leads a dance Yefim leads a song a yidishe torbe
Klezmorim Maestro Chorny Susana leads the klezmorim
Consultation to Belarus?? Arkady, Susana & Yefim plan singing, Ruta flies by
Band uniforms Klez! Another opening, another show!
At the 'Green House' Jewish Museum Summer '07 klezmorim Homework or sing?
Summer '07 chorus Strings Sarah's solo
Three innocent maidens Itsik mitn shmitsik Petersburg song-bird
Our leader Audience participation Maestro!
Chorus and soloist Sing! Dance! Arkady
Partisans Fania Brantsovsky and Rokhl Margolis Guide and Survivor Rokhl Margolis Visit to Ponar
At Ponar Friends Assembling at the Kaunas castle
By the Kaunas Jewish Hospital Yefim & Susana "on tour" Kaunas tour
A hot day in Kaunas Kaunas streets Mindaugas
Kovne old town Kovne overlook Perkunas
Kaunas overlook Our hero Visit to the Ninth Fort (Kaunas/Kovne)
Kovne Khor Shul Klezmorim at the Khor Shul Klezmorim at the Khor Shul
Klezmorim at the Khor Shul Yefim & Susana perform at the Khor Shul L'khaym for Arkady
simkhes Roza advises a student Happiness is...
Hiya, Hy! shmues Dina & Yitskhok
Study is sweet, teaching is sweeter. Simkha’s birthday suit
Farewell to Peter Fania at the Jewish Cemetary
Introduction to the Jewish cemetery Essential personnel
At the Vilna Gaon’s Tomb
Grave of Reb Chaim-Oyzer Grodzensky Bundists’ graves Pals
Our guide in Svintsyan (Svencionys), Meishke Shein Is lunch ready yet
Russian table
30-second history of Svencionys … …with an update Walk around Svencionys
"Brumberg‘s sklad" in Svintsyan near the site of the three (destroyed) synagogues The VYI‘s new transport...
...and driver. By the old mikve in Svencionys
Memorial of recovered matseyves at Svencionys cemetary
Sell-out audience for Marija‘s concert
Jurijus offers Marija‘s and Arturas‘ popular CDs for sale Starz! ikh hob dikh tsu fil lib
Zog nit keynmol! Floral tributes...
...from colleagues and friends. Troupe Accompanist Arturas Anusauskas & Tina
The Class of 2007 Innocence and Wisdom so then how do you say...
Klezmorim prepare for graduation ceremony
Joey The crowd gathers
Special award for Rokhl Kostanian
Special award for Fania Brantsovsky Special award for Fira Bramson Loreta’s reward
Ruta’s rewards Level I and II teachers Bieliauskiene & Verschik Level III and IV teachers Dunayevsky & Niborski
  2005 VILNIUS YIDDISH INSTITUTE. Solution: Neosymmetria