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The Vilnius Yiddish Institute
Vilnius University, History Faculty
Universiteto 7
Vilnius 01513, Lithuania

email: info@judaicvilnius.com
tel: +3705 268-7187
fax: +3705 268-7186
home page: www.judaicvilnius.com

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Yiddish Language Courses

Intensive Yiddish Language Courses (60 hours, Monday to Friday)

Courses, each with two instructors, meet three hours daily, from 9:30 to 11:00 and 11:30 to 13:00, with a break for coffee and pastries in a picturesque Vilnius University courtyard. The classes are vigorously paced and progress comes quickly and steadily. Except for Yiddish I, which starts off in English, all courses are conducted throughout in Yiddish only.

Yiddish I (Beginning Level)
This course assumes knowledge of the Yiddish alphabet, printed and written, only. Students will be sent an alphabet chart prior to their arrival in Vilnius. The stress lies on elementary grammar and simple conversation.

Yiddish II (Intermediate Level)
Requires one semester of university Yiddish or its academic equivalent, or commensurate literacy in the language. Stress on more complex grammatical forms and everyday conversation; reading of easily accessible prose and poetry.

Yiddish III (Higher Intermediate Level)
Requires two semesters of university Yiddish or their academic equivalent, or commensurate literacy in the language. Stress on advanced grammar and stylistics; readings and discussions of representative literary texts.

Yiddish IV (Advanced Level)
Requires completion of third-semester university Yiddish or its academic equivalent, or commensurate fluency in reading, writing, and speaking. Stress on literature in its historical context and on interpretation, with further attention to advanced stylistics.

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