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The Vilnius Yiddish Institute
Vilnius University, History Faculty
Universiteto 7
Vilnius 01513, Lithuania

email: info@judaicvilnius.com
tel: +3705 268-7187
fax: +3705 268-7186
home page: www.judaicvilnius.com

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About Yiddish Online

The Vilnius Yiddish Institute offers two pages of Online Yiddish: Classics and Contemporary.

The Classics page was developed in partnership with New York’s Algemeyner Zhurnál (Algemeiner Journal). The Vilnius Yiddish Institute arranges for the keying in of selected classics, which are then published in the Zhurnál, enabling tens of thousands of actual Yiddish readers to enjoy them, in the print edition and online. The page offers links to a number of the works reprinted to date.

The Contemporary page starts with a select list of links to both audio and textual Yiddish, starting with the postwar period and extending to the present. The list is followed by a selection of recent works in Yiddish by the institute’s director of research, Prof. Dovid Katz, and by Indiana University’s Prof. Dov-Ber Kerler, who is a member of the institute’s honorary board of directors. It concludes with a selection of links to works of a number of postwar Yiddish poets, prepared by Prof. Kerler.

Over ten thousand Yiddish texts, estimated as over 1/2 of all the published works in Yiddish, are now online based on the work of the National Yiddish Book Center, volunteers, and the Internet Archive. 

Classic Yiddish Texts

Contemporary Yiddish

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